Social Return on Investment (SROI)

The University of Chicago Booth School of Business recently performed a study on our program and found that $1 invested in Goldie’s Place returns $1.65 to our community.

Goldies SROI copy


  1. 1 Jobs program contributions to society include payments made by our employed jobs program participants in the last 12 months:
    • $77,753 in federal and state taxes; assumes 40 hours a week for FT workers and 20 hours a week per PT workers. Calculation based on $9.07 average hourly wage and assumes 3.75% IL income tax and 15% federal tax rate.;
    • $21,252 in sales tax. Sales tax figure is based on average estimated expenditures based on share of income , with sales tax of 10.25% in the City of Chicago. Sales tax spending is based on data from Bureau of Labor Statistics, Thursday, December 2, 2010. “Consumer Expenditures for the Chicago Area, 2008-2009.”

    2 Jobs program savings to society include:

    • $52,962 in SNAP;; assumes individual earned more than $1,276 per month and would have received maximum monthly SNAP benefits of $194
    • $222,359 in Healthcare: “Home & Healthy for Good: A Statewide Housing First Program”, Massachusetts Housing & Shelter Alliance (2009). Annual cost adjusted for inflation using Bureau of Labor Statistics online calculator (; Assumes individual worked 20+ hours/week for 4+ consecutive quarters at period end and was applied to 50% of employees who would experience reduction in healthcare costs due to finding a home.
    • $113,472 in Homeless Shelters: “Costs of Serving Homeless Individuals in Nine Cities”, The Lewin Group (11/19/2004) – Prepared for The Partnership to End Long-Term Homelessness. Monthly averages based on daily rate x 30 days and adjusted for inflation; assumes individual worked 20+ hours per week for 4+ consecutive quarters and 50% of placed employees did not need homeless shelters after being placed in a job.
    • $65,861 in Medicaid: Assumes each placed individual worked 20+ hours per week for 4+ consecutive quarters and was stopped receiving Medicaid benefits in the quarter in which he was placed.

    3 Dental program savings to society include:

    • $422,252 in value of standard services provided
    • $215,177 in emergency room visit costs; $1,215 / ER visit; Use of Emergency Departments for Non-Traumatic Dental Concerns in Illinois–Fiscal Years 2010 to 2014 by M. Van Kanegan; assumes 55% of patients likely would visit emergency room per year