Goldie’s Place has provided employment services to over 200 homeless men and women in 2014 through its Employment Program. The program uses a team approach emphasizing accountability and a willingness to be open minded. Skill building includes job search techniques, resume writing, application preparation and interview and presentation skills.

The program’s comprehensive job search techniques, resume writing, application preparation, computer lab, interview and presentation skills resulted in job placement for close to 600 participants in the last five years.

Through our Employment Assistance, we empower participants to find jobs by providing:

  • Job search tools and workplace knowledge through our week-long pre-employment training seminar
  • Personal coaching and case management support
  • Connections to companies with job openings
  • Back-to work clothing closet stocked with lightly used business and on-the job clothing

We receive and exchange referrals with over 110 homeless serving agencies annually. Goldie’s Place provides employment services to approximately 250 homeless men and women each year through its Employment Program!

Employment Services: A Successful Partnership

Rabine Paving hires Goldie’s Place participant as their top candidate, with great success.


The Employment Assistance Program
As the heart of the Goldie’s Place services, the Employment Assistance Program provides a group of services that help homeless individuals to increase their employability and their skills to obtain employment. Through employment, people who are homeless can become more financially stable and independent so that they can handle the financial and social responsibilities of permanent housing. Obtaining and maintaining employment is clearly a crucial step in achieving self-sufficiency. Many people who are homeless are unprepared to handle the demands of a job. They often lack self-esteem and on the job coping skills.

Our employment staff assists individuals with an assessment of skills, interests and work history. They also help improve job search techniques, resume writing, application preparation, interview and presentation skills. With guidance from job coaches, each participant creates an individual service plan, mapping out concrete steps to securing and maintaining a self-sustaining, permanent job.
The Gateway Track
The Gateway Track can provide help for those individuals who demonstrate fewer challenges to finding employment. They can use Goldie’s resources to polish up their resumes, access online job searches and then apply to those job leads by phone, fax or email. Goldie’s staff helps with transportation to interviews and during the individual’s first week on the job. Participants are encouraged to stay in contact for ongoing support.
The Bridge Track
Most of Goldie’s participants require more employment assistance. They are challenged by little or no work history, low skills and very little education. Additional barriers to employment such as ex-offender status and/or substance abuse are typical issues. For those who are willing to make a commitment to positive change, Goldie’s developed The Bridge Track which offers intensive employment case management. The focus is on finding a transitional, part time job to sustain basic needs while working on skill improvement such as GED preparation or vocational skills training. The goal is to help the participant persist through small, necessary first steps which will lead to self sustaining long term employment income.

Goldie’s Place also provides Work force Development Training.

A series of three, week-long job readiness training workshops are offered by Goldie’s Place at selected agency sites. They offer practical help with filling out applications, researching employers, interview tips and more.
The Supportive Services Program
Job readiness and employability involve much more than a resume and a job lead. In the spirit of filling gaps in existing services, the Supportive Services program offers tangible help that is hard to find for people who are homeless.

The Clothes Closet Program assists homeless individuals to become appropriately clothed, accessories and groomed. They gain a greater degree of confidence through their transformed visual appearance. This new appearance also helps them become more employable and ultimately employed. An average of 1,500 items are available for male and female participants to select from, including suits, slacks, shirts, blouses, dresses, shoes, belts, socks and undergarments. The Clothing Closet is operated by volunteers who screen, sort and display each item. We specialize in interview and work-appropriate clothing and accessories and offer seasonal clothing as well.