Goldie's OutsideGoldie’s Place is a support center for people who are homeless. For over 19 years we have helped our participants transform themselves into healthy, hopeful, and productive members of the community by offering a unique combination of services, including employability training, free dental care and job placement.

The Employment Program uses a rigorous approach emphasizing accountability and secures jobs for over 100 men and women each year, addressing unemployment as the root cause of homelessness.

The Dental Program utilizes a corps of 25 volunteer dentists and, through a ground-breaking partnership with the UIC College of Dentistry, hosts the nationally recognized student-run dental clinic providing hands-on experience in the field of public health dentistry to 75 students a year.

A study was done in 2015 to find out the Social Return on Investment (SROI) of Goldie’s Place. For every one dollar invested in Goldie’s Place, the SROI to our community is $1.65. Click here to see how this was calculated.


Employment Assistance Program provides a group of services that help homeless individuals to increase their employability and their skills to obtain employment.
The Dental Services Program assists homeless individuals to maintain or attain dental wellness, through dental services staffed by volunteer dentists.
Goldie’s developed The Bridge Track which offers intensive employment case management.
The Clothes Closet Program assists homeless individuals to become appropriately clothed, accessorized and groomed.
In the spirit of filling gaps in existing services, the Supportive Services program offers tangible help that is hard to find for people who are homeless.
The Gateway Track can provide help for those individuals who demonstrate fewer challenges to finding employment.