mike-headshot-2-2Mike Mayse has enjoyed working in the nonprofit sector the past thirty-nine years. He has been successful in identifying and recruiting top corporate volunteers as Directors and Trustees. He has implemented multi-level development campaigns including operating, endowment and capital funds. Other areas of his accomplishment include strategic planning, management, marketing and project management, including program research, program development and implementation.

Mike’s career has taken him across the country working for the Boy Scouts of America, United Way, Salvation Army, Arthritis Foundation, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Neighborhood Alliance and the IMD Guest House Foundation.

Mike holds a Masters in Nonprofit Management from the Case Western Reserve University’s Weatherhead School of Business in Cleveland Ohio where he attended on a fellowship.

Mike’s personal philosophy is as a teacher and mentor and does pro-bono work with start-up agencies in the human service field. Mike and his wife Connie reside in downtown Chicago.