Roger is a 27-year-old African American male with one child, aged 6 years old. Currently, Roger has no housing. With little family support, he couch surfs and stays in a motel when he has earned enough day labor to afford it. When he has no money, he sleeps on the train for shelter. Roger does have a high school diploma. However, he has two felonies which are barriers to him becoming gainfully employed.

RogerRoger is located here in the red sweatshirt.

Roger expressed interest in doing manual labor. Goldieā€™s Place employment team invited him in for an interview on July 6th. After the employment team interviewed Roger, they were very taken by his enthusiastic humble spirit and vowed to help him in any way possible to enhance his chances of gaining employment. The first instruction the team gave Roger was to attend the Goldie’s Place Interviewing Skills workshop on July 12th. Secondly, the team scheduled Roger with a clothing appointment for that same day because he owns very few items so he has no professional clothing for an interview. Roger followed the instructions as he was told to do. As a result, the employment team referred Roger to Entertainment Cruises for an interview on July 13th.

On July 13th, Roger attended his interview with Human Resources Director, Chris Somera, for a position as a prep cook. Roger was offered a position that same day at a rate of 10.50 per hour. Roger expressed in his Goldie’s place application that he had been traveling to different temp agencies in an effort to gain employment. Starting from June 26th, Roger walked through the door with goals to achieve full time employment. By July 13th, Roger had met his personal goal. We are excited about his future as we continue to support him throughout retention. We follow up once a week, to express concern on how he is doing and to make sure that he is performing well on the job.