There are important and quantifiable impacts of the work done at Goldie’s Place. In the dental clinic, our students and volunteers have provided nearly $900,000 in dental services to our homeless population over the past two years.

In FY2012, a study conducted by a team of students from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business showed an SROI of 148% for the agency over one year, indicating that every $1.00 invested in Goldie’s Place returns a value of $1.48 to the community. A Booth team recently recalculated the number using FY2015 data. The SROI for the agency rose to 165%, and the dental program had a whopping SROI value of 227%.  The work Goldie’s Place Dental Clinic is making a huge impact on the homeless community in Chicago, and we are grateful to our team of volunteer doctors and generous donors for making this possible.

Dental Clinic