denisebigDenise first came to Goldie’s Place for employment services on July 16, 2013 through a referral from the Salvation Army. Denise had become homeless due to a history of drug and alcohol use. Although she had been clean for nine months and was provided with stable housing, Denise was still unable to obtain employment.

Success! Through Goldie’s, Denise successfully completed the one week employability workshop in which she was given instruction on application skills, interviewing techniques, and life skills, which greatly improved her self confidence. She then received a referral to Goldie’s Place partnering employer, Shoreline Sightseeing, and was hired as a deckhand. Denise’s training included learning to help people who fall overboard in the water – a new and exciting experience for her! Although the position was seasonal, Denise was invited back to work for 2014, with the opportunity to be trained for a customer service position.

Tough Situations. One of the main obstacles Denise faced on her journey to employment was her smile. She was in need of intensive dental work, which was often an obstacle in the interview process. Denise has completed her dental treatment plan with Goldie’s and just recieved her new dentures. Her smile is now complete!

Goldie’s Impact…Building Trust. Goldie’s was able to help Denise turn her lack of self confidence into a positive when she successfully secured employment. She continues to have a positive attitude and uses Goldie’s Place as a support system, maintaining weekly contact with the staff. Denise even made sure that Goldie’s was the first to know when she moved out of The Salvation Army and into her own apartment!

Looking Ahead. Denise continues to express that Goldie’s changed her life, stating that when she walked through the doors of Goldie’s Place for the first time, she didn’t know what to expect. Within 90 days she transformed from being homeless and a substance abuser, to training, employment, a wonderful smile, and on her way to a better life!