“Life was pretty good for me growing up, but in my teens I was introduced to the world of drinking and drugs… No one intends on becoming an addict. There are no well-lit signposts marking the way. By the time we realize that we should probably stop and ask directions, we’re already lost… Soon I wasn’t able to keep a job, much less support myself. My life had been reduced to nothing more than a bleak, despairing existence. I was a shell of what I’d been, a shadow of what I could be.”

“In 2008 I began an adult rehabilitation program and found great friends, kindred souls, and sobriety – and I also found Goldie’s Place. I was finally able to get a referral for the dental care I so desperately needed. It may seem like a small thing to some, but our smile is quite often the first thing people notice about us, and it definitely leaves a strong first impression. Goldie’s Place gave me my confidence back, and they gave it to me with dignity and respect.”

“My life today is all about giving back to those who helped me and providing help to those who need it. I thank God that Goldie’s Place was there to serve as a stepping stone on my path out of that darkness, and I continue to see the smiles on the faces of those that I now refer to Goldie’s.”

Goldie’s Dental Services Program provides free dental care to homeless adults, referred through our partner organizations. We receive 60 – 100 calls for service, each month. Our part time dental staff, volunteer dentists and UIC College of Dentistry dental students have been hard at work this year, and our efforts are creating record numbers of smiles! We are on target to reach our FY 2013 goal of 1,000 patient visits, the most we have ever served. We are the only free clinic providing dentures and will exceed our goal of providing close to 40 dentures this year.

We are thrilled to announce that beginning July 1, Dr. Brian, our part time dentist, will be adding a second day in the clinic. Rounding out his team will be an additional dental hygienist and four new volunteer dentists, bringing our total to 21 volunteer dentists! With the largest dental team in Goldie’s history, we will be able to serve an additional 15 patients each month, bringing smiles all around.

For more information or to volunteer in our Dental Program or to make an in-kind donation of dental supplies, please contact us at hope@goldiesplace.org or call 773.271.1212.

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